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Dedicated to the series of epic fantasy novels, The Wheel of Time by the late Robert Jordan. This group is for all the fans of the series, and the aim is be one of the biggest WoT artwork databases =)

Welcome to the group! Feel free to join the group as a member, or simply set yourself as a watcher =)


:bulletred: You need to be a member in order to contribute artwork

:bulletblue: If members wish to submit artwork, obviously all artworks must be relevant to the group (i.e. must include a reference to the Wheel of Time series) .

:bulletblack: This group is a fan base, and thus all artwork will be accepted ONLY if the work makes reference to the Wheel of Time series.

:bulletpurple: Please submit your artworks into the correct folders

:bulletyellow: In terms of mature content, I don't mind a bit of blood and nudity. However, I do mind pornographic and gruesome imagery, and some people may feel the same. So keep that in mind before contributing.

:bulletgreen: OCs are accepted, but make sure they're related to The Wheel of Time series, and make sure to credit the author for inspiration!

:bulletorange: There is a 'No Harassment' policy on this group, so I hope all members can cooperate and share their common interests peacefully here. If anyone is receiving harassment from a member of this group, you can send me a note so that I'll know to look into it.

Avatar artwork is by :iconmanweri:
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 13, 2010


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Fan Club

848 Members
1,177 Watchers
181,648 Pageviews
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Mats Diceing by blueeyedfreak
Mat Cauthon from WOT by blueeyedfreak
Mat's Ashendarai by blueeyedfreak
Signet ring from Wheel of time by blueeyedfreak
Official Covers and Artworks
Fires of Heaven by DSillustration
Wheel of Time issue 9 page 10 by NicChapuis
Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time #25 Page 5 by Mfiorito
Wheel of Time: Eye of The World #33 by Laemeur
Landscapes, Scenery and Objects
Moiraine Sedai by anawind
The Witch and the Warder by impcoo25
Mazrim Taim by anawind
Lan Mandragoran by anawind
Grouped Characters
[Commission] WoT characters by TheQueenSerena
[Commission] Nynaeve and Lan Modern AU by TheQueenSerena
The Cool Kids by TheQueenSerena
WoT doodles by Kitsune-gari
Rand in DolceGabbana by TheQueenSerena
Prince of the Ravens by EdselArnold
Aybara by AdamMasterman
Young Perrin by karaburrito
Major Characters
Momo by TheQueenSerena
Nynaeve by TheQueenSerena
al'Lan Mandragoran, King of Malkier by ReddEra
Logain Ablar by anawind
Supporting Characters
Scion of noble house by KaligoDark
The Voice of the Empress by Kitsune-gari
Putting a Long Handle on his Axe by AdamMasterman
Cadsuane by AdamMasterman
'Which of you is Aviendha?!' by EtherealDC
Mazrim Taim by karaburrito
Semirhage by AdamMasterman
Lanfear: Daughter of the Night by EtherealDC
Contest Entries: 'Badassery'
Al'Lan Mandragoran + Mandarb by wntgs
WoT: Ta'veren by Manweri
The Knight by ToranekoStudios
Myrddrall by Grav3yardbaby
Myrddraal by jeremy1555
Happy Fade by johnplaystuba
Myrddraal by ChevronLowery
Original Characters
Commission - Rem by Rakiah
Miscellaneous Artworks
WoT Bookmark 1 by ActsofArt
Daily Deviations
To Dance With Jack of the Shadows by KaylaWoodside

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Bain and Chiad by googoolini Bain and Chiad :icongoogoolini:googoolini 30 7 WoT, Rand by ChibiCharm WoT, Rand :iconchibicharm:ChibiCharm 14 3 Asha'man II by 3001 Asha'man II :icon3001:3001 101 25 'The look of the Eyeless...' by AdamMasterman 'The look of the Eyeless...' :iconadammasterman:AdamMasterman 26 8 Nynaeve al'Meara by yasmay Nynaeve al'Meara :iconyasmay:yasmay 61 18 Atha'an Miere--full by jefita
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To all the newcomers to the series...

:bulletblack: What is The Wheel of Time?

The Wheel of Time is a series of epic fantasy novels written by Robert Jordan (the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr. ) . However since RJ's death in 2007, the remaining books are being completed by Brandon Sanderson.

:bulletred: Has the series been completed yet?

Yes. The last book was released on January 8th 2013

:bulletblue: How many books are there?

There are 14 completed novels in the series plus a prequel. Below is a list of the titles of each novel (in order of first book, to last book) :
:star: New Spring (Prequel)
:star: The Eye of the World
:star: The Great Hunt
:star: The Dragon Reborn
:star: The Shadow Rising
:star: Fires of Heaven
:star: Lord of Chaos
:star: A Crown of Swords
:star: The Path of Daggers
:star: Winter's Heart
:star: Crossroads of Twilight
:star: Knife of Dreams
:star: The Gathering Storm
:star: Towers of Midnight
:star: A Memory of Light

:bulletorange: So, what's it all about? What's the plot of the series?

Basically, the series tells the story of a young man named Rand al'Thor and the ordeals he faces upon realising he is the 'Dragon Reborn', the saviour of the world against the rising armies of darkness. The story also follows Rand's allies and friends who work together to aid him in the foreboding days of war, while Rand's enemies plot to destroy him.

For more information about the series, you can visit the links below:

:star: Brandon Sanderson's official homepage:
:star: (the publishing company's homepage) :
:star: Dynamite, the publisher of the WoT comic books:…
:star: (contains the latest updates regarding the series) :
:star: JordanCon (the convention dedicated to the late Robert Jordan):
:star: Ariel Burgess's Wheel of Time Card Deck:…
:star: Ta'veren Tees (for WoT related T-shirts):
:star: (very informative site, but beware of spoilers!) :
:star: (a site that looks at predictions and theories on various aspects of the WoT universe. May contain spoilers too!) :
:star: (a wiki-based site dedicated to The Wheel of Time series. May also contain spoilers) :
:star: Seven Spokes (an informative site that also details chronological events and dates regarding the WoT universe) :
:star: Wheel of Time official facebook:
:star:The Thirteenth Depository (another informative site that may also contain spoilers!) :

Below is a list of licensed WoT Artists:
:star: Ariel Burgess:
:star: Darrell Sweet:
:star: Jeremy Saliba:
:star: Michael Whelan:
:star: Paul Bielaczyc:
:star: Seamas Gallagher:…
:star: Joe O'Hara
:star: Edsel Arnold

And here are the licensed eBook cover artists:
:star: David Grove:
:star: Kekai Kotaki:
:star: Donato Giancola:
:star: Sam Weber:
:star: Dan Dos Santos:
:star: Gregory Manchess:
:star: Mélanie Delon:
:star: Julie Bell:
:star: Scott M. Fischer:
:star: Greg Ruth:
:star: Michael Komarck:
:star: Todd Lockwood:
:star: Raymond Swanland:
:star: Jason Chan:

And here's a list of the artists/writers behind the WoT Comics:
:star: Adam Moore:
:star: Andie Tong:
:star: Chase Conley:
:star: Chuck Dixon:
:star: Francis Nuguit:
:star: Harvey Tolibao:
:star: Jeremy Saliba:
:star: Joseph Cooper:…
:star: Marcio Fiorito:
:star: Mike S. Miller:
:star: Nicolas Chapuis:
:star: Seamas Gallagher:…
Hello everyone,
as you can see it has been a long time since this group has been active.  Most of the other admins have not been active on this page in over a year besides me and another admin.  So I want to invite between 2-3 new admins to the page.  I have been very busy lately and I want to make sure art submissions are accepted even if I am gone for a month.  

so what will you job be?
-accepting new art submissions
-making sure they are in the right gallery
-vote on other matters as necessary

If you are interested please just write a short response describing why I should pick you as one of the new admins.  If you have any questions also feel free to ask me.
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Hey everyone,

I'm new here so go easy on me!

I am on book 4 of WoT and was just wondering if there is a way to view WoT illustrations in a chronological order (matching with the books) so that I can see the illustrations as I go along so I don't end up spoiling it for myself.

Any ideas?
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