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Hi guys,

So the con runners have a site up, check it out at or the DA page at which has less info.

It looks like the people who've been putting this together have been hard at work, and the starting date for the con is Sept 26 2015 in Sydney.

Check it out if you're interested!
Passing on a message from Lupus-deus-est


I can't say too much here, but can you put a call out for any Australian WoT fanartists to urgently contact me?

I can tell you what it is about, although I'd rather you did not share just yet - we got permission from Harriet to set up a WoT con here and I am fielding for stall holders.

We don't have a venue just yet, hence no public announcement, but if you could put this call out...

Saw a  link on :iconreddera:'s Facebook page and of course couldn't resist.

Here's the full film on Youtube:…
Here's a trailer of a fan-made film based on Wheel of Time called 'Flight from Shadow'. From what I can tell it's based on chapters from The Eye of the World when Rand and Mat make their way to Caemlyn. Not too sure about the Aes Sedai at the end of the trailer - looks like an original addition to the story. But check out the trailer - it looks amazing so far!…
This thought kind of occurred to me while I was scrolling through Society6 and seeing all the fan artwork that gets posted on there for sale. The strange thing though is that Society6 has certain rules regarding copyright, and if we do not have the permission to sell something that is not entirely ours we shouldn't do it. However, there are so many people on that site (most of them artists whose artworks I love) ignoring this.

Considering how hard it is to get permission from the owners of certain creative works (I know I haven't heard back from some people for posting the book covers of WoT books on here, hence the 'deviation in storage' storm in one of our gallery folders), I'm doubting that some of these people have that permission.

I'm wondering what everyone on here thinks - I personally am interested to hear everyone's thoughts, since I am currently trying to sell prints on Society6 but I do more fan art than I do original work (sad to say)

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