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Hello everyone,
as you can see it has been a long time since this group has been active.  Most of the other admins have not been active on this page in over a year besides me and another admin.  So I want to invite between 2-3 new admins to the page.  I have been very busy lately and I want to make sure art submissions are accepted even if I am gone for a month.  

so what will you job be?
-accepting new art submissions
-making sure they are in the right gallery
-vote on other matters as necessary

If you are interested please just write a short response describing why I should pick you as one of the new admins.  If you have any questions also feel free to ask me.
JaredTheDragon Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
I will happily help admin this group, and have no problem with any and all duties required. I just finished another Wheel piece actually and wanted to check in, here. Here's a link for now, until we add the image to the pile:

With the Choedan Kal - Saidin by JaredTheDragon

Shoot me a message or email if you still need help with this group?
EdselArnold Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017
Did you find the Admins you needed?  
ActsofArt Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I am interested. I don't have much experience as an admin but I am a wheel of time fan and I am willing to put in time to keep this group going. I am relatively free, at least for the summer, and I have submitted some of my own art to the group so I am invested in keeping the group active.


If I get picked, how often would I need to be expected to actively check gallery submissions?

Do you need someone to write journal updates and journals that promote this group and its members and to post about WoT content? Because I would be into that.

if accepted, I would need someone to give me a quick rundown of what each gallery folder is for, and how the featured folder works.

if accepted, I would also need an overview on the admin process and of accepting/declining submissions (I think I have a basic idea but I've never done it.)
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